Trying the Thrill of Horse Riding at De'Ranch Lembang

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Trying the Thrill of Horse Riding at De'Ranch Lembang
Trying the Thrill of Horse Riding at De'Ranch Lembang/ Pinterest


West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has various kinds of tourist attractions with unrivaled natural beauty. Many local and foreign tourists come to West Java just for sightseeing. One of the tourist destinations in West Java that must be visited is De'Ranch Lembang.

branch Lembang presents a different sensation from other tourist attractions. Because in this place tourists can try to ride a horse while enjoying the natural panorama that is there. This tourist destination is always full of tourists because of its calming atmosphere.


De' Ranch Lembang offers a variety of interesting rides that can be done by tourists. One of the fun rides is the Saddle Club. In this vehicle, tourists can learn how to ride and take good care of horses. Tourists can also get around on horseback while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama.

Not only riding horses, tourists can also become cowboys with complete attributes that have been provided by the management. The attributes in question include hats, clothes, and cowboy shoes. For tourists who like to cook, you can make cakes at Cook N' Cookies. This is where tourists will be taught how to make cakes. There are many more activities that you can do here, including milking cows, shopping for souvenirs, playgrounds, and coloring large ceramics

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Route and Location

De' Ranch Lembang has a very strategic location, located on Jl. Maribaya No. 17, Kayuambon, Lembang, West Bandung. The route that must be taken by tourists is very easy. For tourists who start the journey from Bandung City, you must direct the vehicle to Jl. Dago and follow the road until you meet a T-junction towards Jl. Green image. After arriving at Jl. Punclut, continue the journey to Jl. Pagermaneuh to Jl. Cijeruk. Just follow the road and directions there and then arrive at De'Ranch Lembang.

Ticket prices and facilities

De' Ranch Lembang starts operating from 09.00 to 17.00 but for Monday this place is not operating. The costs that must be spent to come to this place are very diverse, including:

1. Entrance ticket Rp. 26.000/ person

2. Horseback riding (1x) Rp. 30,000

3. Pony (1x) Rp. 30,000

4. Delman per round Rp. 40,000/3 people

5. Giving goat's milk (2 teats) Rp. 15,000

6. Giving the calf's milk (1 teat) Rp. 15,000

7. Riding out Rp. 200,000

8. Rides for toddlers Rp. 20,000

9. Other rides Rp. 25,000

The facilities at De'Ranch Lembang are very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Toilet

- Mosque

- Restaurant

- Souvenir shop

- Ornamental plant market

- Wheelchair tracks. (NL)

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