Lembang Park and Zoo, a Tourist Destination that Serves Cute Animals with Interesting Rides

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Lembang Park and Zoo, a Tourist Destination that Serves Cute Animals with Interesting Rides
Lembang Park and Zoo, a Tourist Destination that Serves Cute Animals with Interesting Rides/ Pinterest


Animals are one of the living things that are liked by everyone. There are so many cute animals that we can find anywhere, one of them is a cat. Being close to the animals we like really makes our hearts happy. Usually, some people choose to come to the zoo just to see firsthand the cute animals that are there. One of the zoos that you must visit is Lembang Park and Zoo.

Lembang Park and Zoo is an animal park in Bandung which was established in 2019. Its unique place and calming atmosphere make this place very suitable to be used as a vacation spot with family, friends, and even relatives. Usually, zoos are always filled with children, but this is different from Lembang Park and Zoo. Lembang Park and Zoo are always filled with children and even teenagers who come here because the place is very Instagramable.


Lots of animals in this place and certainly very echoing. The animals in Lembang Park and Zoo are not only Indonesian animals, but also foreign animals are here, ranging from birds, primates, reptiles to mammals too. The place is very Instagramable, making tourists who come always take pictures at every spot. The concept chosen for the manufacture of this place is very unique because it chooses the concept of the plains in Germany or better known as Bavaria.

Lembang Park and Zoo present an animal parade and birds show that is not boring. This is not only entertaining but educating tourists about the animals. The agility and intelligence of the birds will keep tourists entertained. The birds that are here will do what the trainer tells them to do. In addition to the bird show, this place also presents an animal parade that is no less exciting. Animals will be decorated and surround the environment of this place. What is more unique, this place also provides several rides that all tourists can try. Tourists can also relax at the cafe in Lembang Park and Zoo.

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Route and Location

Lembang Park and Zoo have a very strategic location because it is located on Jl. Klonel Masturi No. 171 Sukajaya, Lembang, West Bandung. The route that must be taken to get to this place is very easy and does not take long. For tourists who start traveling from Bandung City, you must direct the vehicle to Jl. Sukajadi and continue towards Jl. Setiabudi. Just follow the road to get to Jl. The Lembang Kingdom. After finding Jl. Colonel Masturi, you must turn left and follow the road. A few minutes later you will find Lembang Park and Zoo.

Hours of Operation

Lembang Park and Zoo have different operating hours, including:

1. Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 WIB

2. Saturday-Sunday 08:00-18:00

3. LPZ Restaurant 10:00-17:00

4. High season 08:00-18:00

Ticket Prices and Facilities

The costs that must be spent to enter Lembang Park and Zoo are very diverse, including:

1. Weekday entrance ticket Rp. 50.000/ person

2. Weekend entrance ticket Rp. 60,000/ person

3. Wahana Neo cat cafe/big bird aviary Rp. 20,000/ person

4. Rabbit house rides Rp. 15,000/person

5. Rabbit garden rides Rp. 10,000/ person

6. Pony ride Rp. 25.000/ person

7. Elephant Feeding Rides Rp. 10,000/2 people

8. Tiger Feeding Rides Rp. 25.000/2 people

9. Feeding rides for ostrich/deer/koi/pigeon Rp. 5,000/ person

The facilities in this place are very complete, including:

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Mosque

- Warfare vehicles

- Canoes and water boats

- Archery

- Food court

- Train. (NL)

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