Orchid Forest Cikole, a Tourist Destination with Various Interesting Rides

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Orchid Forest Cikole, a Tourist Destination with Various Interesting Rides
Orchid Forest Cikole, a Tourist Destination with Various Interesting Rides/ Pinterest


a tourist center with beautiful natural panorama and cool air is everyone's dream. In addition to relaxing while enjoying its natural beauty, tourists also don't forget to capture the moment with beautiful scenery. One of the tourist destinations that presents stunning natural beauty is Orchid Forest Cikole.

Orchid Forest Cikole has been around since 2017 in a protected forest, so don't be surprised if the air in this place is very fresh and the trees are towering. Tourists who come to this place will feel comfortable and want to linger in this place.


Orchid Forest Cikole provides a variety of interesting rides that will certainly make tourists feel at home in this place. One of the most interesting rides here is the Wood bridge. The wood bridge is a favorite place for tourists because this is where tourists can take pictures on the bridge decorated with automatic lights. Besides that, this place also provides outbound rides, such as airsoft guns, flying fox, archery, high rope, and many other rides.

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Tourists can also walk around while seeing the beauty of the treehouse, rabbit house, and much more beauty that is here. For those who want to spend the night at Orchid Forest Cikole, tourists can camp at the camping ground. For tourists who like flowers, you can buy them at the shop and the consultation provided by the manager of this place. Even more interesting, Orchid Forest Cikole provides a dome-shaped greenhouse.

Route and Location

Orchid Forest Cikole has a strategic location, located in Genteng, Cikole, Lembang, Kab. West Bandung, West Java. The route that must be taken to get to this place is very easy and does not take long. For tourists who start the journey from the city of Bandung, you must direct the vehicle to the Tangkuban Perahu area. Because the route to Orchid Forest Cikole is the same as the route to Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

The costs that must be spent to enter Orchid Forest Cikole are very diverse, including:

1. Regular entrance ticket Rp. 40,000/ person

2. Picnic package for 2 people Rp. 99,000

3. Picnic package for 4 people Rp. 180,000

4. Horse ranch 1 round weekday Rp. 30.000/ person

5. Horse ranch 1 round weekend Rp. 50.000/ person

6. Rabbit forest Free

7. Free Orchid House

8. Woodbridge (Free Flying Fox) Rp. 20,000/ person

The facilities at Orchid Forest Cikole are very complete, including:

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Mosque

- Golf cart

- Step chair

- Cafe. (NL)

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