Getting to know Princess Mandalika from Seger Beach

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Getting to know Princess Mandalika from Seger Beach
Legend of Putri Mandalika/pint

It is no longer a joke that Lombok is often used as a favorite destination or tourist attraction for many people. Various exotic and soothing places can be very easily found in various regions or islands. One of the various heavenly beauties on the island of Lombok that we can visit is Seger Beach?

Duh, seriously Min, is it true that the name is Seger Beach? Is the seawater really as fresh as its name? Or is the sea water fresher than the sea water on the Gilis in Lombok or compared to other beaches on the island of Lombok?

Hmm, how come there are so many questions that Mimin is confused, but surely we have our own level of preference for the beauty of a place. Of course it could be because of the unique moment in each place itself so that we feel we have an exclusive connection or a cool language connection hehe, or yes it can also be because we have certain preferences in assessing various natural arts.

Well, to test the freshness of the sea water at Seger Beach itself, of course, you really can visit the beach directly so you know what the level of beauty and heavenly panorama is that Seger Beach has to offer, hehe. For the location itself, this beach is indeed located about 2 kilometers from Kuta Beach in Lombok, so if you really want to come here, it is enough to only spend Rp. 5000 to be able to park the motorbike that you bring. And vice versa, you only need to pay Rp. 10,000 if you bring a car.

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Not only Kuta Beach in Lombok, which is a favorite of many tourists, be it domestic or foreign though. Because, with a unique and beautiful natural structure as owned by Seger Beach, it also makes this beach a prima donna for many people. Especially the divers and surfers who come just to pay off their water sports plans. If you want to be mainstream, of course you can also play on this white sand that is no less soft, continue to enjoy the beauty of the corals that are still natural and awake there, moreover, uh, of course you can. Once in a while, try to snorkel if you dare, of course you can.

Well, besides enjoying the beauty of Seger Beach, in fact, you can also visit the Putri Mandalika monument area at the same time. This monument itself can be found in the northern part of this Seger Beach. The Putri Mandalika Monument is also widely referred to as the icon of this beach considering that it is indeed here in this area that the story of Princess Mandalika began and became known.

How's the story, Min? I'm curious, but Mimin really likes curious people, meaning that her curiosity is great. So want to increase knowledge. Oh what the hell, okay back on topic.

So this is it, for the story of Princess Mandalika itself is very well known, pal. So in the past, life was indeed a princess from a very beautiful kingdom, so because of her beauty, many princes from various kingdoms wanted to marry her. But many said that this princess did not want to hurt them all by saying the rejection of love.

This princess was confused, so she decided to throw herself into the sea. The princess then turns into a colorful sea worm referred to as "nyale". Local residents even now celebrate a tradition called "bau nyale" where this tradition is aimed at catching the nyale./Reg.

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