Travel Destinations Tenganan Pegringsingan Village: Traditional Village on The Island of Bali

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Travel Destinations Tenganan Pegringsingan Village: Traditional Village on The Island of Bali
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BALI, MATAPRIANGAN- Bali Island is one of the islands in Indonesia which is a gateway for world tourists. The culture of this island is one of the attractions that is quite attractive to tourists, both foreign and domestic. One of the Balinese cultures that attracts tourists is the Tenganan Pegrisingan Village.

Tenganan is a traditional village on the island of Bali. This village is located in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency in the east of the island of Bali. Tenganan can be reached from the Candi Dasa tourism site and is located about 10 kilometers from there.

Tenganan village is located in Karangasem district. In addition, Tenganan village is included in one of the tourist attractions in East Bali which has its own uniqueness. Of course, the atmosphere of Tenganan village is different from other Balinese tourist attractions.

The uniqueness of Tenganan Pegringsingan village is found in the Tenganan village customs which are different from other village customs in Bali. Visitors who first come to Tenganan Pegringsingan village, will be able to immediately see the uniqueness of Tenganan Pegringsingan village from the form of the yard. In addition, the shape of the house and the layout of the building or houses of the residents of Tenaganan Village are very unique.

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Location and Price of Tenganan Village Entrance Tickets

Tenganan Village is one of the traditional villages located in the eastern part of Bali Island, more precisely in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency. It is located quite far from Denpasar City, which is about 70 km, with a travel time of approximately 2 hours. The price of admission to this village is subject to a donation of approximately Rp. 10,000/person and a parking fee of around Rp. 5,000/car.

History of Tenganan Pegringsingan Village, Karangasem Bali

The historical background of how the origin of the name Tenganan Pegringsingan Village can be explained from several mythological narratives that are related to the name Tenganan Pegringsingan Village, which so far still vaguely lives in the Tenganan Pegringsingan village community.

The Origin of the Name of the Village of Tenganan Pegringsingan Bali
According to the historical records of the village of Tenganan, the name of this Tenganan originated from the word "middle" or "Ngatengahang",
which means the same as “leading into deeper territory”.

The word has a strong connection with the history of the Tenganan village community movement from the coastal area towards the top, a residential area in the middle of the hills. precisely to a hill that is in the position of West Hill, namely Kauh Hill and East Hill, which is on Kangin Hill.

While other narratives of the history of the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan in the Manggis Village of Karangasem Bali are,
The residents of this Tenganan originally came from the village of Peneges, Gianyar, the name of this place in the past was Be predecessor.

According to folklore, King Be predecessor once lost one of his favorite horses and then sent several people to trace it to the East. The horse was apparently found and died by Ki Patih Tunjung Biru, the king's aide.

For his loyalty, Ki Patih Tunjung Biru gained the power to control the area that had the fragrance of the horse's carcass. Ki Patih got a fairly large area because he cut the carcass of the horse and spread it as long as he could. It's the origin of the Tenganan Village territory

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The Attraction of Tenganan Pegringsingan Village in Bali

Tenganan Pegringsingan Village or Tenganan Ancient Village is one of three Bali Aga villages, located on the island of Bali. Everyday, life in the village of Tenganan Bali is still governed by the famous customary law called Awig – Awig. The provisions of customary law in this Tenganan village have apparently been recorded since the 11th century and were updated in 1842.

This can be seen from the maintenance of the technique of structuring the layout of the building, then the location of the temple which follows traditional provisions from generation to generation.

Not only its unique history, there are other interesting things that you can get when visiting this village of Tenganan Pegringsingan Bali. And here are some of the uniqueness of Tenganan Pegringsingan Mangosteen Village in Karangsem

1. As a Village for Gringsing Fabric Crafts

The special livelihood of the residents of Tenganan Village, Karangasem Bali, is actually a profession as a farmer in Bali. however, some other people, make a living as craftsmen. And crafts made by craftsmen in the popular village of Tenganan Bali include woven bamboo, carvings to paintings on palm leaves and woven fabrics.

What is unique about the residents of this village of Tenganan Bali is that in buying and selling, they still apply the traditional barter mechanism in their daily life.

There is something interesting that comes from the handicrafts of this Tenganan Karangasem village, namely the Woven Fabric which the residents call the Gringsing Fabric,

You need to know, if the residents of this Tenganan village from the past until now have been popular for generations with their expertise in making Gringsing woven fabrics.

The step of making Gringsing Fabric in Tenganan Village, Bali is handled with a traditional technique or step, namely Double ikat, and it is believed that this weaving technique is only in the village of Tenganan Bali, and cannot be found in other parts of the Indonesian archipelago.

Because it is very unique and rare, the unique handicrafts of this village of Tenganan Bali, its name is really popular all over the world, therefore this traditional Balinese village is until now famous as Tenganan Pegringsingan Village.

2. Has a unique tradition of Pandan War


Villagers, have the most unique customs and become a special attraction for Tenganan Pegringsingan tourism. Every year between June and July, the Mekare-kare/Mageret Pandan (pandan war) is held.

This custom is carried out to train the psychic and physical of the village community. During the pandan war event in the middle of July, you will see many photographers reviewing this event.

Mekare-kare is the highlight of the Tenganan village ceremony, Karangasem. The local villagers mentioned the name of the village ceremony named Usaba Sambah. The Usaba Sambah ceremony has a duration of 1 month and pandanus wars are generally held 2 to 4 times.

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Schedule of Implementation of the Pandan War Tradition

The pandanus war schedule in Tenganan village is held every year, and does not use the Gregorian calendar, but uses the local people's calendar. Generally, the pandanus war agenda in Pegringsingan village is held in June or July, at 14:00 – 17:00.

The Tradition of Mesapati – Sabbat Biu

The unique thing that is still an integral part of the Pandan War tradition event in Tenganan Pegringsingan Village, Karangasem Bali is the Mesabar Tradition. Events or traditions of the Tenganan Balinese village community in recruiting their village leader candidates.

The tradition of masebar or sabatan biu, which is a traditional banana fruit war event. This traditional event applies to each candidate for leadership in the village of Tenganan. And since childhood and will gradually be tested like a psychic test. -23

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