Bandung's Viewpoint, a Tourist Place That Has Various Unique Photo Spots

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Bandung's Viewpoint, a Tourist Place That Has Various Unique Photo Spots
Bandung's Viewpoint, a Tourist Place That Has Various Unique Photo Spots/ Fto: Istimewa


Bandung is one area that has a variety of tourist attractions with stunning beauty. When it comes to tourist attractions in Bandung, there will be no end because this is where tourist attractions gather, ranging from tours with beautiful natural concepts, historic tours, and even tours that present instagramable photo spots with unique cafes. One of the tourist attractions that has a cool photo spot with a unique cafe is Angle of View.

The point of view is one of the tourist attractions in Bandung which is always crowded by local and foreign tourists. Its location at an altitude makes this place has cool air. Even though this place is called Angle of View, but not only the food and drink menus are available here, this place also offers a variety of photo spots that are very unique and have meaning. The concept of the cafe here is no less cool than other spots because the concept chosen for the creation of the cafe is very Instagramable.


The Angle of View divides the two sides of this place, including a place for taking pictures called the Story Corner and a place to hang out or have a meal called the Rasa Corner. In every spot that is passed, tourists will be told the meaning of the place by the guide who is there. Cafe Angle Pandang has 7 photo spots that have beauty so that tourists will not be satisfied if they only take pictures once. The following are various photo spots in the Point of View or better known as the story angle, including:

1. About exploitation of nature
The first spot that will be visited by tourists is about human symbolization related to nature. Tourists must stand in front of the sensors that have been provided, then you only need to move your body and the sensor will follow your body movements. From there, tourists can find out personalities related to nature, not only sensor devices, in Exploitation Nature some plants are hung by chains and of course have meaning.

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2. About the beauty of nature
After the exploitation of nature, tourists will be directed to a spot called natural beauty. When entering this room, tourists will feel the sensation of being in beautiful nature with green views. Because this room is filled with greenery on every wall, the roof of this room is also made of glass so it gives off a nice light.

3. About marine pollution
This room has a very interesting concept because it is filled with colorful paintings even though the room is dark. Not only paintings, but this room also contains small and colorful threads so tourists must be careful to pass through.

4. About the damage done on land
This room has a concept of human interaction with nature. This is the room that is a favorite place for tourists because in this room tourists can see the sunset with plants that add to the beauty of this room. In each plant, there is a blue ball that will emit a Sundanese drum sound and a Japanese flute when touched. This indicates that what we touch will determine the effect that occurs on nature.

5. About the pollution of the oceans by plastic
This room has a very unique concept because in this room tourists seem to be interacting with nature under the sea. This room is filled with plastic animations and animated fish moving on the walls.

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6. About air pollution
This room is filled with glass with a floor decorated with clouds. This room tells about the damage that occurs in the air because if tourists see the roof, the clouds look dim.

7. About all the mischief on earth
In this room, tourists will find a house symbol that depicts a ravaged earth. The Seventh Story Corner is the conclusion of each Story Corner that you come to. All-Story Corners seem to remind us to continue to protect nature.

Location and Route

The Point of View is on Jl. Pagermaneuh, Pagerwangi Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. The route that must be taken to get to this place does not take long. The location is still in the Punclut Bandung area, so this Bandung Point of View is close to Dago Bakery, and other culinary tours in the Punclut area so tourists will easily find this place.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

The cost to enjoy the beauty of the Point of View is indeed quite expensive, amounting to Rp. 50,000/person. The viewpoint starts operating from 10:00 to 21:00.

The facilities here are very complete, including:

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Mosque

- Wifi access

- Gazebo

- Swimming pool

- Photo spots. (NL)

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