The Mystical Story of the Bahureksa Ambulance That Always Annoys Locals

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The Mystical Story of the Bahureksa Ambulance That Always Annoys Locals
The Mystical Story of the Bahureksa Ambulance That Always Annoys Locals/ Pinterest


The ambulance is known as a vehicle used to carry sick people. Some people think that ambulances are scary because many scary stories are circulating.
When it comes to ambulances, Bandung residents immediately think of the bahureksa ambulance. How not, this ambulance has a mystical story that makes everyone afraid and reluctant to pass the ambulance.

According to a circulating story, this story began with a family who lived in one of the houses located on Jl. Bahureksa No.15. One day the family who lived in the house had an accident and resulted in death.

The local people called the hospital to send an ambulance, not long after that the ambulance arrived. This ambulance transported the entire family of the dead to the house on Jl. Bahureksa.

The next day, residents were surprised by the presence of an ambulance which was again parked in the family's yard. But last night the ambulance immediately left after delivering the dead family.

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Residents decided to call the hospital, then the hospital came and took the ambulance. But their efforts were in vain, the ambulance was again parked neatly in the yard without knowing who was delivering it.

After several attempts were made, residents left the ambulance parked in the yard of the house. But day by day, more and more strange events were experienced, one of which was an ambulance driving around at night without a driver.

This made the residents even more disturbed. In the morning, the ambulance was again parked neatly in the yard of the house.

Other strange things experienced by residents or road users, ranging from car engines often suddenly turn on and off. So that the residents would not be disturbed anymore, they decided to lift the ambulance engine. However, residents still hear the sound of the ambulance engine.

The above writing has not been confirmed and readers to take lessons from all events, please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm, all of the above writings are mere fiction. (NL)

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