Korean Drama Happiness, The Story of a Deadly Virus That Spreads Throughout the City

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Korean Drama Happiness, The Story of a Deadly Virus That Spreads Throughout the City
Korean Drama Happiness, The Story of a Deadly Virus That Spreads Throughout the City/ Tangkapan layar


Watching is one of the activities done to fill spare time. By watching, the heart will feel happy and the mind will be calm. Almost everyone likes watching, especially if the film actor is beautiful and handsome.

Korean dramas are the right choice to watch because Korean drama actors are very professional in playing them. The exciting plot further adds to the excitement of this Korean drama.

Currently, there are so many latest Korean dramas that make everyone wait for the story of the drama. One of the booming Korean dramas is the Korean drama Happiness.

The Korean drama Happiness is played by very famous actors, including Park Hyung Sik as Jung Yi Hyun and Han Hyo Joo as Yoon Sae Boom. This drama has aired on November 5, 2021

This Korean drama tells of psychological conflicts that occur during a deadly disease attack.

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Synopsis of Korean Drama Happiness

Yoon Sae Boom is a woman who has a beautiful face with a firm character in making decisions. He has a profession as a police officer.

Yoon Sae Boom decides to move into a new apartment so he can experience a new life.

But when Yoon Sae Boom moves into a new apartment, he has to face a very complicated problem in his life.

Over time, Yoon Sae Boom met a handsome man named Jung Yi Hyun. Jung Yi Hyun is a smart and honest detective, he is one of Yoon Sae Boom's friends at school. Jung Yi Hyun liked Yoon Sae Boom from the past until now.

Jung Yi Hyun or better known as Ji Hyun is always trying to protect Sae Boom from being exposed to danger.

They have to deal with a deadly virus that is contagious and spreads throughout the city. Despite the conflict between war has and the fear of the deadly virus, they must survive in their new home.

How will the story of Ji Hyun san Sae Boom continue? watch the continuation of the story only in Korean Drama Happiness. (NL)

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