Food Recipes: How To Make Delicious And Easy Cheese Cake

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Food Recipes: How To Make Delicious And Easy Cheese Cake
Food Recipes: How To Make Delicious And Easy Cheese Cake/ Pinterest


cooking is an activity that is often done to fill spare time. Usually, if people like to cook, they will make all the food they want instead of having to buy it. In addition to saving costs, cooking yourself can also be guaranteed to be clean. One of the foods that must be tried to make at home is Puncak.

Almost everyone thinks that making peaks is complicated and must prepare complete tools. But we can make peaks at home easily and only need to use a pot for steaming.

Here Matapriangan has summarized how to make Puncak, including:


- 150 ml liquid full cream milk

- 700 gr grated cheese

- 60 gr butter

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- Lemon juice (to taste)

- 60 gr wheat flour (sifted)

- 4 eggs (yolk and egg white separated)

- 4 tbsp sugar

How to make:

1. Take a pot and turn on low heat

2. Enter the full cream milk and grated cheese into the pan and stir until evenly distributed. After that add the butter and lemon juice and stir again until evenly distributed. after that turn off the stove

3. After the stove is off, add the flour and egg yolks into the same pencil and stir until evenly distributed.

4. Prepare a container, then add the egg whites and sugar, then stir until the texture is like whip cream.

5. Mix a little whip cream into the pan mixture and stir slowly and evenly

6. After the dough is evenly distributed, transfer the dough in the pan into the whip cream container and stir until evenly distributed

7. Prepare a pan and add the mixture and turn on the lowest heat. After that wait for 1 hour

8. When it is cooked, transfer the Pancake to a plate and cut it into triangles

9. Homemade Peak is ready to be enjoyed (NL)

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